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Elder Law
Lovejoy And Rimer can handle your Elder Law needs. By actively listening to our clients, our attorneys create and administer personalized plans that reflect our clients' unique situations. Elder law encompasses all aspects of planning for aging, illness, and incapacity. This specialization requires an attorney to be particularly sensitive to the legal issues impacting elder clients. Just as importantly, it requires empathy and patience to achieve the elderly client's important objectives.

We can counsel you in the legal issues specific to Elder Law such as:

  • undue influence by family member
  • lifetime gift planning, family issues
  • medicaid planning and spendown
  • conservatorship law
  • mental health law matters
  • planning for a well spouse when the other spouse requires long term care, asset protection, public benefits
  • supplemental and long term health insurance issues
  • will and trust planning, planning for minor or adult special needs children, probate
  • administration and management of trusts and estate
  • geriatric care issues
  • capacity assessment
  • elder abuse and fraud
  • power of attorney
  • living wills
  • breach of fiduciary duty
  • reverse mortgages

We encourage you to to speak with one of our dedicated lawyers about the specifics of your Elder Law case  at 203-853-4400.