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Your objective is our objective. 

While collaborating with you to reach your goals, we promise the following:

Your work will be done confidentially.  

We will keep you informed of its progress as we go along by maintaining open channels of communication. 

We can tailor our representation to satisfy your specific objectives and budget. 

You can reach us whenever you need to, and we will be responsive from start to completion.




Wills, Trusts & Estates and Probate Law
Durable Powers of Attorney
Elder Law
Estate Administration
Estate and Tax Planning   
Living Wills  
Preparation of Wills and Trusts   

Probate Controversy
Representing Beneficiaries of estates and trusts
Representation of Fiduciaries: Executors, Trustees, Conservators
Trust Administration
Will Contest

Real Estate
Commercial Leasing & Residential
Condominium Law      
Construction Loans/Financing          

Landlord/Tenant Disputes
New Construction
Real Estate Closings - Purchases & Sales
Title Insurance

Zoning and Municipal Law
Environmental Law                              
Land Use
Zoning Appeals

Representation of Municipalities
Automobile Accidents
Contract Disputes
Corporate and Commercial Litigation  
Employment Matters  
Misrepresentation & Fraud

Personal Injury Claims   
Probate Litigation
Product Liability
Real Estate Disputes
Workers' Compensation
Wrongful Death
Corporate/Business Law
Business Contracts      
Confidentiality Agreements          
Creditors Rights          
Employment Agreements                 
Formation of Business Entities such as LLC’s

Partnership Agreements    
Shareholder Agreements
Tax Matters


Lovejoy And Rimer, P.C. has a long and interesting history. Judge Joseph R. Taylor first established his Norwalk practice in 1889.  He was joined in the early 1920’s by noted trial lawyer, John J. Cuneo.

In 1926, Frederick F. Lovejoy joined the firm and it became known as Taylor and Lovejoy.  Seven years later, Attorney Cuneo’s son, John R. Cuneo, entered the firm, and in 1944 it became known as Lovejoy and Cuneo, and was located in the heart of South Norwalk on Washington Street.

In 1952, former Congressman Abner W. Sibal, Harry H. Hefferan, Jr. and Fred L. Griffin established the firm of Sibal, Hefferan and Griffin in uptown Norwalk.  Shortly thereafter, Edward S. Rimer, Jr., a former New York City practitioner, was made a partner.  The firm became known as Hefferan and Rimer, P.C. with offices in Norwalk and Wilton.

In 1978, Lovejoy and Cuneo merged with Hefferan and Rimer, P.C. in order to provide a broader range of legal services in the lower Fairfield County area, forming the entity known as Lovejoy, Hefferan, Rimer & Cuneo, P.C.

Effective January 1, 1998, the new firm of Lovejoy And Rimer, P.C. was created with the promise to uphold a similar tradition of integrity and high quality legal services.

Today, the principals of Lovejoy And Rimer, P.C. include Louis Ciccarello, Christopher J. Jarboe, and Steven D. Smith.


Our lawyers restrict their individual practices to certain areas of the law.  We will help you select the right member of the firm to handle your work.  Feel free to contact any of our lawyers whom you know or call the office number and speak with the receptionist.  We will introduce you, at your convenience, to the lawyer we believe will be able to handle your legal needs most effectively.  We are here to serve you.  In the rare event that another firm would be a better fit for your needs, we will provide referrals to you.  Your best interest is paramount.


We prefer to work by appointment, allowing both of us to make better use of our time.  It is more efficient for us and more economical for you if we meet at our office, although other arrangements can be made in case of illness or emergency.  Our offices are always open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for appointments.  An appointment can be arranged for other days and times, if need be.  If you are confronted with a legal emergency, you won’t need an appointment; call us immediately.


In general, our fees are based on the complexity of the matter, the time spent, and the experience of the professional working on your case.  Some work is done on an hourly basis.  For other matters, there’s a flat fee.  Still others, such as personal injury litigation, are handled on a contingent fee basis, where our fee is a percentage of the amount of money we obtain for you.

In many cases our office policy requires an advance payment, or retainer.  We’ll deposit your retainer payments into our trustee account and draw on them periodically as we continue to work on your case.

If you have any questions or concerns about our fees, just ask.  We understand that your budget is not unlimited and we are committed to working as efficiently as possible.

Offices of Lovejoy And Rimer, P.C. are located on the corner of East Avenue & Park Hill Avenue, with parking in the rear:                                                          
65 East Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851-4907
Telephone: (203) 853-4400
Telecopier: (203) 866-3386