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Landlord / Tenant Law

The attorneys at Lovejoy And Rimer have experience representing landlords and tenants, not just one or the other. Our lawyers can help you understand the law and your rights.

Whether you are a landlord who needs guidance on the specifics of tenant law, or a tenant who needs an attorney to represent your interests against landlords who have violated the law, our lawyers will give personal attention to your case because we know the importance of landlord-tenant issues to the people involved.

If you are a tenant leasing a home or business space, or if you are a landlord who depends on income from leased property, the Landlord / Tenant Law attorneys at Lovejoy And Rimer will strive to resolve legal matters through effective negotiations. When all else fails, our lawyers are professional and ethical trial attorneys who do not shy away from courtroom litigation.

Our services include:

  • lease drafting and review
  • lease negotiations
  • eviction
  • breach of habitability
  • security deposits
  • landlord liens
  • subleases and assignments
  • collection actions
  • rent stabilization cases
  • illegal apartment cases
  • holdover proceedings
  • nonpayment proceedings

To speak with one of our landlord / tenant law attorneys about the specifics of your case, contact Lovejoy And Rimer at 203-853-4400.