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Negligence claims require knowledge, experience and resources. The personal injury attorneys at Lovejoy And Rimer represent people who have been seriously injured or suffered any type of loss as the result of the reckless, negligent, or indifferent actions on the part of another.

Injured persons can lose their rights by failing to make required appearances in court or to file the proper legal documents on time. Victims can also lose their case by not acting promptly to retain skilled personal injury lawyers to gather evidence, locate witnesses, and record the nature and extent of their injuries.

Our firm helps you act quickly to help protect your rights, and so that you can obtain the maximum recovery available to you.
Negligence cases include:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • workplace injuries and workers' compensation claims
  • wrongful deaths
  • slip & fall cases
  • other personal injury cases
  • other litigation & appeals

The civil law of negligence is based upon the concept that a reasonably prudent person should act in a certain way. Negligence is the result of an individual (or entity) failing to fulfill a duty owed and falling below the standard of care by not acting as a reasonably prudent person should.

We encourage you to contact us regarding the specifics of your injury as quickly as possible. We strive to settle claims expeditiously, preferably through negotiation but, when necessary, through litigation.